SmartFlex Pallet System

  • Modular Design allows for simple configuration and ease of interface.
  • Pallet Stops are available in cushioned and non-cushioned models.
  • Lift & Locate Module
    Lift & Locate Module lifts from outside of conveyor - provides 200 lbs. of holding force.
  • Pallets can be purchased as assembled units or as kits containing components.
  • Aluminum base plate (thickness is dependent on load condition).

Benefits of SmartFlex Pallet System Conveyor:

​Our highly advanced SmartFlex Pallet Systems are flexible conveyors with pallets for product routing and control.

  • Accurate positioning and routing
  • Ideal for assembly processes or inspection
  • Components sold as kits to allow for easy design changes and layout flexibility
  • Pallets sold as kits to allow fixturing or as completed assemblies
  • Automation system that improves efficiency and generation, lowers downtime, and increases accuracy in product movement

Manuals & Literature

Engineering ManualsPagesFile Size
Smartflex Engineering Manual4810.6 MB


LiteraturePagesFile Size
SmartFlex Brochure61.72 MB
SmartFlex Helix Brochure24.33 MB